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Ceresota Napoli “00” Pizza Flour

Milled in Italy specifically for Ceresota Flour.

In partnership with Molini Lario, a 100-year-old mill located in Como, Italy, Ceresota Napoli is milled from premium Italian and European soft wheat in order to achieve an authentic “00” Italian pizza flour to meet the needs of the most seasoned Pizzaiolos.

Ceresota Napoli “00” has three different formulations that are designed to meet the differing operating requirements of pizza operators.  From direct process “straight” doughs to more complex long fermentation doughs, Ceresota Napoli “00”, has a product to fit your needs.

A Bag of Napoli Pizza Flour

Ceresota Napoli Azzurro:

Best suited for direct dough or straight dough processes with a short fermentation cycle. Finest results can be achieved with 8-14 hr. fermentation or, “same day” dough method with a bulk fermentation in ambient temperature room. Also great for Italian pan-style pizza.

Protein Avg: 11-12%
W: 250-270

Classic Italian Pizza Applications:

  • Versatile Straight Doughs or semi-straight doughs
  • Short/Medium Fermentation
  • Italian Pan/Teglia style Pizza
  • Focaccia
  • Calzones

A Bag of Napoli Pizza Flour

Ceresota Napoli Rosso:

This flour is formulated for medium to long leavening time, 16 – 30 hours, and produces a traditionally elastic but mellow dough.  This formulation produces a dough that is capable of handling refrigeration, assuming that dough balls are allowed to leaven at room temperature for at least two hours prior to refrigeration.

Protein Avg: 12-13%
W: 330 – 360

Classic Italian Pizza Applications:

  • Stronger medium leavening doughs
  • Great for Roman Style Pala Pizza’s
  • Producing a lighter and crunchier crust

A Bag of Napoli Pizza Flour

Ceresota Napoli Oro:

Premium formulation for long-leavening Neapolitan style pizza.  Formulated for long fermentations of 36-48 hours, this flour produces an excellent dough with desirably elastic characteristics common in strong flours. Can be refrigerated or left to leaven at room temperature.

Protein Avg: 13.5-14.5%
W: 380 – 420

Classic Italian Pizza Applications:

  • Longer leaving doughs
  • Produces a smooth and elastic dough
  • Rich golden color crust
  • Exceptional fragrance and crunch expected by the finest Pizzaiolos

What is “W”?

The “W” is commonly seen on specification sheets for Italian flours.  It is a laboratory measure used to gauge a flours’ bread-making capacity by classifying flour based on its strength.  A lower “W” value represents a weaker flour that will absorb less water and rise more quickly and produce a lighter product.  Conversely, a higher “W” value represents a stronger flour that will absorb more water and rise more slowly producing a gluten structure that is more resistant and strong.

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