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The Ceresota Brand was born in the late 1800’s from the vibrant flour milling industry in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Mississippi River below the St. Anthony falls had the perfect conditions for water powered flour mills.  By the later part of 1870 there were nearly 30 different flour mills built on the banks of Mississippi river.  Eventually these mills began to consolidate and produce flour as one company.  One of these companies was the Northwest Consolidated Milling Company which comprised a total of six different mills all producing flour under the same label: Ceresota. It is believed that the Ceresota name was chosen from Greek mythology: “Ce-res”: Goddess of harvest. + “ota” = son.  Ceresota: son of Ce-res. The Northwest Consolidated Milling Company was acquired by the Standard Milling Company in April 1902. The Standard Milling Company is now known as the Uhlmann Company.