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What's Your Favorite Type of Pizza? 

Learn about your favorite pizzas and get tips for how to make them with Heckers and Ceresota flours


Deep Dish Pizza

Deep dish pizza originated in Chicago. Deep dish pizza, also known as a stuffed pizza has a thick, dense crust, with lots of cheese, and toppings. Sauce may be placed on top of the toppings. Rich and filling, you'll need a fork to eat it! Ceresota flour is the perfect flour for a deep-dish, Chicago-style pizza.

What's the best pizza flour for deep dish pizza?

The best deep dish pizza is made by finding a flour with the right balance between strength and chew. A medium protein flour that provides the durability to withstand fermentation, handling, and heavy pizza toppings is ideal. But the flour cannot be too strong, or the thick crust will be too bready and less enjoyable to chew.

Ceresota All-Purpose Unbleached Flour has the perfect balance in protein for deep dish and thick crust pizzas.

Ceresota flour is the #1 pizza flour in the Chicagoland area for deep-dish pizza crust.

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New York Style Pizza

New York-Style pizza is characterized by a large, thin crust, usually large enough to be "foldable." Toppings are typically just sauce and cheese. 


What's the best pizza flour for New York pizza?

A New York-Style pizza is best made using a very high-protein flour like Ceresota Premium High-Gluten Flour to achieve the chewy crust that is characteristic of NY pizza.

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Neapolitan-Style Pizza

Neapolitan-Style pizza originated in Naples, Italy. It is a usually a simple pizza with just a few toppings. For the crusts, strong, soft wheats are ideal for Neapolitan-Style pizza.

Many pizzerias that use our flours for a wide variety of styles of pizza, including Neapolitan. 

What's the best pizza flour for Neapolitan-Style pizza?

You might see Neapolitan pizza calling for “W” value flour. "W" is a reliable metric for European soft wheat but has shown to be unreliable for North American hard wheat. The Italian flours are all produced with soft wheats from Europe with higher protein content. They are strong enough to withstand long fermentation, hand tossing, and heavy toppings. North America does not produce soft wheat that has that kind of strength. Europe has some very strong soft wheats that make them ideal for Neapolitan-style pizza. 


In North America, we have very high quality and reliable hard wheats with these characteristics, but our soft wheat varieties are primarily used for cakes and pastries.


However, you can still make a fantastic Neapolitan-style pizza with North American flours like Heckers or Ceresota All-Purpose Unbleached or Premium High Gluten flour.


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