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Superior Flour Made Famous With Chicago deep dish and Detroit-style pizzas.

Heckers and Ceresota Unbleached Flour has become synonymous with pizza flour.

The #1 Pizza Flour: Heckers and Cerestoa

Ceresota is the #1 pizza flour in the Chicago land area with award-winning Chicago-style deep-dish and cracker-thin pizza dough. It's now available nationwide. 

Made with 100% Kansas hard winter wheat, Heckers and Ceresota All-Purpose Flour has a higher protein content than traditional H&R flours. 

Thin crust, thick crust, pan style, deep-dish, or cracker style pizza, you can't go wrong with the premium flour of Heckers and Ceresota brands.

Learn more about our flours below. 

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Tony Giamani

    One of the finest flours in the industry."

      Tony Gemignani
      13-time world pizza champion and loyal Ceresota flour user

What makes Heckers and Ceresota Unbleached All-Purpose flour ideal for pizza?

Ceresota flours are milled from a precise blend of wheat that produces a superior flour recognizable in every step of the baking process through excellent mixing, fermentation, and proofing tolerance. Additionally, Ceresota will rise more evenly and hold up better than other flours with the addition of heavy pizza toppings.

Ceresota has a flour for every type of pizza.



Higher Protein All-Purpose flour (winter patent)

  • Excellent Mixing, fermentation, and proofing tolerance
  • More extendibility
  • Dough works better with yeast
  • Dough will rise evenly: especially important when adding heavy toppings
  • Superb flavor and texture
  • Best for:
    • Thick crust and deep dish crust
    • Chicago cracker thin
    • Detroit style

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Premium High Gluten Unbleached Flour

Premium High Gluten Unbleached Flour

  • Unbleached and Un-Bromated
  • Superior Tolerance, Stretch & Elasticity
  • Excellent Dough Texture
  • Superior Browning
  • Outstanding Water Absorption
  • Best for:
    • New York Style
    • Hand Tossed
    • High Temperature/Brick oven Pizza

Protein Content: 14% protein +/- .3   

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How well does it brown?

The natural addition of malted barley gives Ceresota excellent browning characteristics. All these qualities allow end users to produce pizza and other baked goods with superior flavor, texture, and color unmatched in the industry.