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Emergency dough is just what its name implies, it is not as good as a regular dough but it will work in an emergency. Use this dough only in the event of dough failure (no dough to make pizzas with).


Mixing the dough

How to make it using your normal dough formula:
1) Double the amount of yeast.
2) Delete any sugar from the dough formulation.
3) Increase the amount of dough water (absorption) by 2%
4) Adjust the temperature of the dough water 10°F warmer than what you normally use.
Mix the emergency dough an additional 3-minutes more than normal.
The targeted finished dough temperature is 85°- 90°F.


 Scaling and Balling

  • Take the dough to the bench immediately after mixing for scaling and balling.
  • Place dough balls into dough boxes and lightly oil the dough balls.
  • Stack or cover the dough boxes and leave at room temperature.
  • Allow the balled dough to ferment until it can be opened into skins by your normal process (60 - 90-minutes or more)


 Using the dough

  • Begin using the dough as soon as it can be opened. Unused dough should be opened into skins, placed on pizza screens, in a wire tree rack in the cooler.
  • After 30-minutes, cover to prevent drying. Skins can be held for one day in this manner.
  • To use the refrigerated skins, allow to warm at room temperature for 30-minutes, re-stretch if necessary, dress and bake.
    Note: Once the emergency dough is ready to begin opening into skins it must be used within 60 to 90-minutes (refrigerate unused skins as above).
  • Plan on making your emergency doughs during the course of the day to keep your shop supplied with dough.
  • Do not try to incorporate emergency dough into fresh dough. Discard it at the end of the day.