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The Uhlmann Company is a third-generation family business formally known as the Standard Milling Company.

The Standard Milling Company was a major milling and grain elevator operator with assets across the Midwest and the Northeast United States.  The Standard Milling Company and its assets changed hands multiple times in the 1900s before the Uhlmann Family, led by Paul Uhlmann Sr., acquired a majority interest in the company in 1951.

Through many years of industry consolidation, the Standard Milling Company divested the majority of the milling and elevator assets and retained control of the most popular flour brands, such as Heckers and Ceresota.

The Standard Milling Company became a holding company for a wide variety of business ventures in a diverse number of industries, such as Charcoal. It is through this departure from the milling industry that the Standard Milling Company changed its name to The Uhlmann Company.

The Uhlmann Company is located in Kansas City and is run by Paul Uhlmann III and his son-in-law, Wesley Fehsenfeld. 

Today, The Uhlmann Company produces Heckers Flour and Ceresota Flour, sister-branded, all-purpose unbleached flours, including pizza flour. 

For Food Service sales and support please contact:
Nick Valavanis, Jr.
4801 Main St. Suite 550
Kansas City, MO 64112
Office 816-221-8200 Ext 105
Direct 816-218-0033 
Cell 815-519-7578

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