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What are the benefits of high-protein flour?

Higher gluten flour increases elasticity of dough which helps create more bake volume and chewier products. 

The proteins in flour form gluten, which traps air while it bakes. This causes the dough to rise. High-protein flour absorbs a lot of liquid, resulting in a thick, dense batter. This makes the breads chewier and heavier.  




Heckers and Ceresota High Protein Flour

At Heckers and Ceresota, we craft our flours with a higher protein (gluten) content than traditional all-purpose flours. We believe in higher protein for superior baking. 

Heckers and Ceresota All-Purpose Flours more closely resemble a winter patent or European-style patent flour which performs like a domestic bread flour.


Our Promise to You: Unbleached Forever!