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Heckers Flour has been a staple of great baking for over 150 years.  Native to New York, consumers and institutions in the Northeast have long enjoyed the consistency and quality of one of America’s oldest flour brands.

Milled from high quality, high protein hard winter wheat grown in Kansas, Heckers flour has a higher protein content than traditional all-purpose flours. 

Heckers All Purpose Unbleached Flour is perfect for any recipe from artisan yeast breads to cookies.

  • No Chemicals
  • No Bleaching Agents
  • No Bromates

What is the difference between Heckers & Ceresota?


Heckers and Ceresota are known as “sister” brands.  They both have similar histories in their regional markets and they are both produced with the same flour using the same “bread boy” logo.

Heckers and Ceresota All-purpose unbleached flours are milled from the same high quality, high protein Hard Winter wheat and they are both milled to the exact same specification.

Heckers is more widely recognized in the Northeast and Ceresota is more widely known in the Midwest.